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Engaging Aging

“Engaging Aging is a new class series that will start at The HUB Center for Seniors on May 6th, 2021. Each Thursday we will have a speaker or activity that will focus on us engaging the aging in our lives and coming out more informed, with new ideas, or a greater understanding of things we only touched on before. We’ll have fun together learning and laughing while fellowshipping with each other in person, or you can watch our Facebook live feed of each class.
If you are a business that would like to share your knowledge with our community during one of these Engaging Aging sessions on a Thursday from 1-2pm, or someone who would like to introduce a class that you would go on to teach at another time slot on our HUB calendar, please contact Jessica Whisman, Activities Coordinator at The HUB

Jessica is the Programs Manager and Rental Coordinator at The HUB and has been with The HUB since 2018. She lives in Allyn with her 6 year old son. She enjoys learning new DIY crafts, reading, playing video games, writing stories, drawing and enjoying the company of others.