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Spirit Week

The HUB wants to keep everyone’s spirits lifted. We know this is a hard time right now as everyone is stuck at home and not visiting. It doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun and have a laugh. This Week, May 18th- May 22nd, we are doing a spirit week to hopefully bring cheer. Also, hopefully it gives you a challenge! Check back every day as I plan to post a picture of me and my son dressing up in the fun! 


Monday: Crazy Hair Day. Well I recently bought my son some hair crayons. So for Crazy hair day I decided to have fun with color. I used about 10 different hair colors in my hair. I tried getting a picture of my son to share with you guys but he decided that today he didn’t have any fun colors in his hair. Maybe next time =) I hope some of you had fun doing creative hair styles or colors.


Tuesday: Wear all of one color. Today it came down to the realization that I don’t own colored pants so we had to go with blue or black. Hopefully some of you had some more color options than me! Not that you can tell but I’m wearing all black including my socks and eye liner! Going to go through my son’s close and have him join in too. Will post a picture update later adding him to this blog. Have fun and happy Tuesday everyone!


Wednesday: Dress to Impress. I don’t dress up very often. It was nice to get all dressed up today. Though my son wouldn’t join me I did have a pic I shared from Easter last month that I got him all dressed up for. Hope you all had fun in joining me for this!

Thursday: Dress as a character from something you like. Who am I? A character from Harry Potter of course =). As a huge book worm I chose to be from Ravenclaw! I hope some of you did this an had fun.

Friday: Favorite Sports Team. Well… I know so many of you are huge Sea Hawk fans and did this one for you! I am not a sports fan and don’t have any articles of clothing to match this theme at all. Though I have a feeling more of you joined in on this day than any other. =) This is the end of our Spirit Week. I hope it gave you some smiles. Take care!

About The Author

Jessica Whisman

Jessica is the Program Manager at The HUB and has been with The HUB since 2018. She lives in Allyn with her 5 year old son. She enjoys learning new DIY crafts, reading, playing video games, writing stories, drawing and enjoying the company of others.