How is everyone coping lately? Like me I imagine you have your ups and downs. I did try to take the opportunity to try to learn a new skill a couple weeks ago. I actually bought some para-cord at The HUB Shop like 2 months ago. It was all put together to learn and make bracelets. Well it was one of those buys that sounded good at the time and then you take it home and wonder why you bought it lol. So it sat for a very long time. So now here I am sitting down and I glance over and see the box. I pull it out and figure why not. Took a little bit to figure it out, but then I couldn’t put them down! I started making them for other people and enjoyed having something to do with my hands.

Is there something you would be interested in learning that you never took the time for? Maybe it’s to learn how to type on the computer? There are many sites online that can help with that. Want to crochet? I’m sure you can buy some cheap yarn on amazon and follow some tutorials online. Take the time to do something for you and have fun.


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