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Staying Sane at Home -writing-

With Covid having it’s up and downs I know it is scary for a lot of people. Some people have been stuck in their homes for over a year. Others might be a bit back and forth. EitherĀ  way, with businesses changing hours and schedules you are probably finding yourself at home more.

Why not try your hand at writing? There are so many different options. Why not try to write your own autobiography? Have you ever though of writing your own made up story? Who knows, maybe you can even get it published!

Not sure where to start? Did you know you can good or download apps on your phone to help you? Here is a website that actually helps you get started writing a story if you are drawing a blank. It gives you a plot to make a story around.

I challenge all of you who read this to take just 10 minutes to try to start writing something. I hope you find you enjoy it and spend a lot more time than that though.

Jessica is the Programs Manager and Rental Coordinator at The HUB and has been with The HUB since 2018. She lives in Allyn with her 6 year old son. She enjoys learning new DIY crafts, reading, playing video games, writing stories, drawing and enjoying the company of others.