On Pinterest you can search for ideas such as recipes, vacations, cars, science, physical fitness, home improvements, fashion, art, etc. Simply type in what you are looking for in the search box and up pops pictures related to what you entered. It works because people have sorted out things they are interested in by placing website links, or a their own photographs onto boards. Pinterest looks for these ideas on all the boards that people have created and then returns suggestions that match your search.


Here is Pinterest’s own board to give you an idea of how the website works: https://www.pinterest.com/pinterest/  You will need to join Pinterest in order to make boards to save pins to (be sure to review their terms of service, etc. before deciding to sign up for an account). If you have joined, you can make boards and load them with as many or as few ideas as you want.  You get to name the boards, decide if they need to be divided into sections, and set whether they are public or private.


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