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Staying Sane at Home -Cooking-


As I open the kitchen cupboard again I found myself dreading what to cook AGAIN. I’m sure many of you can relate to this as we spend most of our time at home right now. I’m trying to kick things up a bit lately and try new things. The other day Jaden and I tried to make blueberry muffins. Of course that’s not a dinner food, but it did give us something else to do during the day. Next time I went to the store I bought some pasta sauce I wasn’t 100% sure about. Found some instant noodles. Okay, first off WHAT?! I did not know you can buy 60 second pasta! Where has this been all my life? Later that week I’m looking and thinking it just needs something else. I add sausage and pepperoni to the sauce, mixed the noodles in, and tada! We made our own pizza pasta. It was something completely new to both of us and it was delicious. My son is an extremely picky eater and he ate it all! So for those of you going insane at home feeling like you are in a rut… Try cooking something new. You might discover a meal that you really enjoy.

Jessica is the Programs Manager and Rental Coordinator at The HUB and has been with The HUB since 2018. She lives in Allyn with her 6 year old son. She enjoys learning new DIY crafts, reading, playing video games, writing stories, drawing and enjoying the company of others.