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Staying sane at home -Gardening-


Hi everyone. I’ve never tried blogging before so bare with me. My name is Jessica. For those who don’t know, I’m the Program Manager at The HUB. Like most of you I am also spending almost all my time at home. As for me I’m in the house 24/7 with just me and a very talkative & very energetic five year old. (You other moms can remember what that’s like right?) Also, like a lot of our seniors, I don’t have another adult in the house to talk with during this time. So it can be lonely as well even if I I’m not by myself.

I’m sure we are all going crazy in our own way. I know there are a lot out there with their spouses who are bumping heads right now. We have a lot who just have their animals for comfort. Then there are some who are all alone right now. My goal through this blog is to help make everyone feel a little less crazy, a little less alone, a little less depressed, and feeling a bit back to yourselves again. Maybe we can even find some new things to enjoy!

One of the first things I did during this isolation was start a garden. I personally don’t believe there is going to be any shortage in food to worry about, but I like growing some of my own and right now I like the idea of knowing no one else is touching it. I still buy fruit and veggies, but PLEASE wash them before eating them. This is such an easy thing to do to lessen the risk. Though I’m hoping you guys were washing them prior to this too lol. Can I be honest for a second? I am TERRIBLE at gardening. A couple years ago I would kill everything I tried to grow. Even my bamboo plant died and you needed to do for that was keep it watered! Sad I know. Last year I put in a lot of extra work. We got some some to grow. We had carrots mostly, but not by choice. All my tomato plants ended up becoming sticks because the deer ate it. Our zucchini grew and grew, but never gave me any veggies. I did grow some impressive sunflowers though! This year I got a cheap green house. I don’t think it’s really working, but at least it will keep the deer out. I have some lettuce sprouts growing, but have yet to see anything growing right now. Wish me luck! I’m trying to grow stuff I haven’t tried to grow before this year. I’m excited to see if I can get my own jalapenos.

I hope you guys can start a garden even if it’s just a little herb garden in your window sill. It’s relaxing and rewarding to see things grow that you planted.

I know not everyone has room for a garden outside so found some helpful links to make your own indoor gardens.

Here’s how my garden is coming along. I did over the weekend buy a start for a tomato plant and a jalapeno plant.


Jessica is the Programs Manager and Rental Coordinator at The HUB and has been with The HUB since 2018. She lives in Allyn with her 6 year old son. She enjoys learning new DIY crafts, reading, playing video games, writing stories, drawing and enjoying the company of others.