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    Cancer Support Group

    FREE Support Group! Meets every Thursday at 4pm starting in June. Cancer effects each of us according to our own uniqueness. As we explore together in support of one another it helps us to recognize that our journey is united and that together we can heal the things that our lives feel are not complete. This path we face together is full of love and acceptance and a time for healing our mind, body and spirit. I look forward to taking this journey with you. Dennis Bogue

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    Dragon Slayer’s Lair -stress-

    5.13.2020 Dragon Slayers Lair Hi Everyone.  My name is Daniel and I’m a cancer patient and a survivor, so far. I’m also a member of the HUB-sponsored cancer support group, ‘Dragon Slayers.’ Prior to the Covid-19 shut down, our group met during the first three Thursdays each month.  Those meetings are sorely missed.  While the meetings are suspended until further notice, a hopeful sign is the recent partial re-opening of the HUB senior center that our meetings will resume at sometime in the near future. Anyone is welcome to participate, and a HUB membership is not required.  Members are comprised of not only cancer patients, but include cancer survivors, spouses,…